Our Culture

Give a shit and do what you love. Work smart rather than hard. Never do twice what you can automate once. Enjoy your work and never stop learning.

Open Positions

  • Work at Cloudcover
  • Work at Cloudcover
  • Work at Cloudcover
  • Work at Cloudcover

Open Positions

  • DevOps Engineers

    DevOps is the entire reason CloudCover exists. Our goal is to automate absolutely everything we can on the cloud. Apply

  • Project Managers

    CloudCover is all about agile teams shipping on time. Does the thought of a perfectly executed sprint get you excited? We have a job for you. Apply

  • Solutions Architects

    SAs are the tip of the CloudCover spear. They're often the first technical folks our customers get to meet. Apply

  • Full Stack Developers

    Server-side? Client-side? These terms are meaningless, code is code irrespective of where it's running and our devs are comfortable writing for any platform. Apply

  • Data Engineers

    Our data engineers build pipelines for truly massive data hoarders from around the world. The future of big data is in the cloud. Apply

  • Data Scientists

    This is a new area for CloudCover and we're building our team with a combination of existing and new blood. Apply

  • Data Visualiser

    Seeing patterns in data is a unique talent, requiring a mix of business acumen, data analysis and pattern recognition as well as design sensibilities. Apply

  • Head Of Delivery

    CloudCover is growing mighty fast and we need a steady hand to deliver the quality our customers expect with no compromises. Apply

  • UI / UX Designers

    CloudCover is home to a bunch of pixel perfectionists. All our branding is done in-house as is the design of our products. Apply

  • Sales Manager

    Does chasing numbers give you a kick? Are you gung-ho about helping customers maneuver through business challenges? Apply

  • Visual Designers

    CloudCover is home to a bunch of pixel perfectionists. All our branding is done in-house as is the design of our products. Apply

Benefits & perks

  • Travel The World

    Travel The World

    Our customers are from all over South-East Asia, America and India so don't forget your passport because you'll probably need to travel on-site.

  • Flexible Timings

    Flexible Timings

    Work early, work late, work at home, work remotely. All we care about is doing great work and we know inspiration strikes in weird places. Just don't take your laptop in the shower.

  • Keep it casual

    Keep it casual

    Work in shorts, flip-flops, saris, suits and anything else you're comfortable in. There is no dress code. Unless you're going up on stage. Then you might need to like, get a haircut dude.

  • Bleeding edge technology

    Bleeding edge technology

    In case you haven't got it yet, we're pretty big geeks. We love our toys and are always up for trying out the next hot thing. Most of our projects involve new tech as well.

  • Level up!

    Level up!

    Elevate your skills by learning from seriously smart people and working with some of the hottest startups and largest companies in the world. We'll even pay for you to go get certifications and training.

  • Contribute to Open Source & the Community

    Contribute to Open Source & the Community

    Give back to the community, publish your code and get showered in GitHub stars. Speak at events and share your knowledge with peers. We're all about sharing.

Open Positions