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To build secure, reliable and scalable CI/CD pipelines quickly, going cloud-native is crucial. Now, we understand the complexity that comes with going cloud-native and by adding the CI/CD component, the complexity level does go high. But all that hard work is worth it, as it results in raising the bar of how our CI/CD systems work. It also allows Ops and Dev teams to work more efficiently, giving them room to make mistakes.

At CloudCover, we spend the time building automations by taking advantage of best-in-class cloud-native tooling that Azure has to offer. With our CI/CD solution, you have the power to get your services up and running in a secure, standardised, and quick manner with just one-click.


  • Speedy Deployments

    Our cloud-native CI/CD solution allows you to build infrastructure and application pipelines with just one click. Automate the process of orchestrating development, testing, and deployment pipelines for your cloud-native applications.

  • All Things Cloud-native

    Build, test, and deploy across multiple environments such as VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase with standard build and deployment methods.

  • Monitor from Anywhere

    To successfully run a highly scalable cloud-native environment you need to be able to monitor the setup effectively. We built close integrations with cloud-native tooling to make it easier for you to monitor the events for your pipelines.

Tools Used

  • Azure DevOps

  • Azure Container Instances

  • Azure Kubernetes Services

  • Azure App Servicess

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