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Our Company

CloudCover is a cloud-native solutions company focused on helping organizations teleport into the future of IT. It consults, designs, builds and manages cloud-native applications and data systems for high-growth startups and agile enterprises. Backed by ST Telemedia Cloud, it is headquartered in Singapore with a delivery center in Pune and sales offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Its 150+ employees are dedicated to enabling seamless collaboration between developers and IT.

Our Culture

We believe that great outcomes are everything. It’s what drives us to turn bold ideas into breakthrough solutions. By combining digital technologies with what works across the world’s leading businesses, we use agile approaches to help clients solve their toughest problems fast—the first time. So, you can deliver what matters most.

  • Details Matter

    Details Matter

    Sweat the details in every part of the work you do. Focusing on quality at every level leads to delighted customers, recognition of our peers and genuine job satisfaction.

  • Be Good

    Be Good

    In every situation, do the right thing. We should be a positive force in the world. That means respecting privacy, being honest, fair and transparent both with each other and with our customers and partners.

  • Automate Everything

    Automate Everything

    Humans are better at creativity and robots are better at repetition. We think this is a universal truth and want to apply it to everything we do.

  • Take Ownership

    Take Ownership

    Treat your work as if it is your most prized possession. Protect it from mediocrity and drive it to completion.

  • Y So Serious?

    Y So Serious?

    We have the privilege of working in one of the most exciting industries on the planet and we get to do it on our own terms. Have fun! Enjoy yourself.

  • Speak Your Mind

    Speak Your Mind

    Sometimes the truth hurts, but we’re not helping anyone by sugar-coating things. Be candid with your peers and leaders.

  • Learning beats Knowing, Experimentation beats Learning

    Experiment > Learn > Know

    Our field makes massive advances on a daily basis. The only way to keep up is to learn all the time because what we know gets outdated quickly. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to be part of the bleeding edge.

  • Nothing Is Ever Perfect

    Nothing Is Ever Perfect

    Don’t be satisfied with good enough. Be creative and try new things. Sometimes things get better and sometimes they slide backward. Failure is to be expected. Keep trying and learn from your mistakes. This is how progress is made.

  • Time

    Take the time to Understand

    Knowing something by rote is not the same as truly understanding how things work. Understanding allows us to make progress and do things better.

Meet the Team

We are an agile bunch of cloud-native enthusiasts, data engineers, DevSecOps practitioners, product and solution architects, developers, designers, and project managers, who care about delivering engaging experiences.

  • Vishal Parpia

    Vishal Parpia

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Dhruv Parpia

    Dhruv Parpia

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Shalini Chaturvedi

    Shalini Chaturvedi

    Head - HR & Talent Acquisition

  • Doug Shelley

    Doug Shelley

    VP - Products

  • Sean Burke-Gaffney

    Sean Burke-Gaffney

    Head - Solutions Architecture

  • Neha Rehani

    Neha Rehani

    Head - Enterprise Sales

  • Ruaan Erasmus

    Ruaan Erasmus

    Head - DevOps

  • Nicolas Paris

    Nicolas Paris

    Head - Data Architecture

  • Matthew Snell

    Matthew Snell

    Head - Project Management Ops

  • Percy Shadrach

    Percy Shadrach

    Head - Front-end & Design

  • Desmond Han

    Desmond Han

    Head - Public Sector Sales

  • Rahul Doiphode

    Rahul Doiphode

    Head - API & Platform Development

  • Sweeti Bharti

    Sweeti Bharti

    Head - Kubernetes

  • Laura Meconi

    Laura Meconi

    Manager - Business Operations

  • Vijay Singh

    Vijay Singh

    Sales Manager - Emerging Markets

  • Antoine Courtois

    Antoine Courtois

    Sales Manager

  • Jeremiah Peter

    Jeremiah Peter

    Sales Manager

  • Siddharth Singh

    Siddharth Singh

    Sales Manager

  • Noel Poyser

    Noel Poyser

    Lead - Product Development

  • Elizabeth Anthony

    Elizabeth Anthony

    Lead - DevOps

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    Utkarsh Sharma

    Lead - DevOps

  • Shital More

    Shital More

    Lead - DevOps

  • Sagar Patil

    Sagar Patil

    Lead - DevOps

  • Leander Craig Raveendran

    Leander Craig Raveendran

    Lead - Solutions Engineering

  • Nikhil Ahuja

    Nikhil Ahuja

    Lead - Data Engineering

  • Swagata Gupta

    Swagata Gupta

    Lead - Data Engineering

  • Varun Chandak

    Varun Chandak

    Officer - Technical Grievance

CloudCover in Photos

  • Dhruv Parpia talks about ‘5 Common Challenges faced by Startups’ Dhruv Parpia talks about ‘5 Common Challenges faced by Startups’ at the AWS Mumbai Summit.

  • A hands-on workshop on Prometheus by HasGeek & CloudCover A hands-on workshop on Prometheus by HasGeek & CloudCover

  • Fancy a Mario Kart match? Fancy a Mario Kart race at our Pune office? Drop by!

  • Vishal Parpia brainstorms the 2020 roadmap with the team Vishal Parpia brainstorms the 2020 roadmap with the team.

Tech Partners

CloudCover partners with the top three public cloud providers on the planet and best-of-breed SaaS platforms. We're fully certified and deeply engaged with all our chosen platforms. Our team is constantly learning the latest that the cloud has to offer, giving us a unique perspective and the ability to help you choose what's right for your business.

  • Tech Partners - Google Cloud Platform
  • Tech Partners - Amazon Web Services
  • Tech Partners - Microsoft Azure

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If you have any questions or want to get in touch about potentially working together, drop us a line.

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