Rock Solid Cloud Migrations

What is Vector?

Move to the cloud with Vector, a modular set of solutions designed to get you to the cloud with speed and predictability. Whether you’re moving from an on-premises data center, co-location or another cloud, we’ve got the platform and the skills to bring your applications and services to their new home with minimum fuss and no stress.

Vector DB

Our migration solution for popular databases, Vector DB provides a framework to securely connect, replicate and cutover from your existing database servers to self-managed VMs or cloud managed dbs.

Vector Infra

Move your VM or container-based workloads over to the cloud with high velocity using Vector Infra, our DevOps-driven and heavily automated infrastructure migration solution.

Vector Path

Plan your move to the cloud in tandem with our experts. Use the knowledge we’ve gained over 11 years of cloud consulting and our library of common design patterns and best practices to migrate with confidence.

Vector Storage

Move large amounts of data to the cloud with parallel uploads, security and change detection. Capable of one-time bulk loads as well as synchronization services, Vector Storage gets you moving quickly and safely.