Plan and Build 🏗️

We've been architecting, building and deploying applications, and data systems on the cloud for 10 years.

CloudCover offers both comprehensive consulting and technology services to help you make the momentous transition to cloud-native. Take advantage of our experience and our deep partnerships to help your team ramp up quickly, reducing the time to business value. Let's build your future together.

Co-innovation 📚

Successful shifts require deliberate discovery, planning, prioritization, and coordination.

Change is hard. Change of this magnitude is even harder. There's no point in sugarcoating it. Our knowledge in this area has been hard won, and we've got the battle scars to prove it. We’ve worked on some of the world’s largest cloud-native migrations, have seen how unicorns run from the inside, and have collaborated with engineering teams that are building the cloud.

  • Discovery and Analysis

    Discovery and Analysis

    Find the best candidate to get moving and discover how your systems are wired together.

  • Architecture


    Build on top of systems designed from the ground-up to be secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable.

  • Managing Change

    Managing Change

    Working side-by-side we instill the culture of rapid iteration turning technology into a positive force instead of a necessary evil.

Modernization 🤖

Upgrading an application that is already operating in production is a pain-staking process.

We help you figure out that equation and balance technology with practical considerations.

Our deep expertise in application architectures, data platforms and cloud-native stacks can help craft a comprehensive plan and shave months off your modernization build. Take advantage of the latest that the cloud has to offer from scalable design patterns to zero-touch databases. We constantly automate and improve systems and processes so by the time the job is done, you have a cutting-edge app and the means to keep it that way.

  • Zero Maintenance

    Zero Maintenance

    Our goal when modernizing apps is to rely on cloud-native services and platforms to dramatically reduce operating effort.

  • Cloud-Native Builds

    Cloud-Native Builds

    By totally standardizing the build process, developers are able to ship code faster and take advantage of the latest and greatest tools.

  • Database Modernization

    Database Modernization

    No modernization exercise is complete without switching to a modern managed database, we've got tons of experience and tools to help you move.

Migration ✈️

Moving an application that's in production feels like building a plane while flying it.

That’s why migrations seem crazy and borderline impossible. We can speak from experience when we say that when done right, they can be silky smooth and can happen with zero downtime. We've been part of some of the largest examples of such crazy endeavors in the world.

It’s never easy, but all that experience means we can see the whole journey through and can guide you to your shiny new home.

  • Automation


    What better time to automate your build and code delivery systems than when you need parity across platforms?

  • Data Sync

    Data Sync

    The hardest part of a migration is making sure everything is in sync and that data integrity is maintained.

  • Seamless Cutovers

    Seamless Cutovers

    We've done migrations of all sorts from a multi-phase approach to a big bang, we can get you to the finish line.