100% Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes has the promise to dramatically improve the speed with which your team can ship software.

Unfortunately, it is also a lot of work to keep up and running in an optimized and efficient manner. That’s where CloudCover’s Managed Kubernetes comes in. We take over the responsibility of maintaining, upgrading, and scaling your cluster with an eye towards security and cost-effectiveness built through experience. So unlock the potential of your entire team by focusing entirely on your app and we’ll focus on your k8s.

  • Cluster Management

    Cluster Management

    Fully managed one-stop solution for running your container workload without worrying about your clusters

    • Upgrades, Hygiene & Best Practices
    • Managing Capacity & Scale
    • Backups, Failovers & Disaster Recovery
    • Multi-everything (tenancy, cloud, region, hybrid)
  • Continuous Change & Observability

    Continuous Change & Observability

    We strongly believe that what gets measured & monitored gets improved and helps you sleep peacefully

    • Detailed monitoring dashboards
    • Automated operations with auto alerts
    • 24x7 support available on severity bases
    • Experienced Kubernetes team for incident management
  • Service Mesh

    Service Mesh

    Leave the complexities of running Service Mesh on us while you gain more insights into your applications

    • Lifecycle management
    • Managing Traffic
    • Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Kubernetes Security

    Kubernetes Security

    Architecting modern microservices with all security measures can be a daunting task. CloudCover helps to simplify Kubernetes security by implementing

    • Zero Trust Model
    • Cluster Security
    • Node Security
    • Container Security
    • Service Mesh Security

Accredited & Certified 💪

Member of the CNCF and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP)

DevOps Teams

    • ISO:27001

# Our Team

  • 11+ Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA)

    11+ Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA)

  • 7+ Certified Kubernetes Application Developers (CKAD)

    7+ Certified Kubernetes Application Developers (CKAD)

  • 2+ Certified Kubernetes Security Specialists (CKS)

    2+ Certified Kubernetes Security Specialists (CKS)

  • 1 Certified Istio Administrator

    1 Certified Istio Administrator

Delivery Model 🚢

CloudCover will do the heavy lifting to make your business run effectively and efficiently on Kubernetes

  • Dedicated Kubernetes and Service Mesh Team

    Dedicated Kubernetes and Service Mesh Team

    Every Kubernetes platform is unique, and every service mesh has its own learning curve that needs dedicated specialists to make the best out of it. Our pod model provides a stable team that collaborates and provides context for your specific environment.

    • Solution Architect

      Recommendations, analysis & understanding of your microservices. Helping to architect your kubernetes ecosystem which enterprise-grade best practices

    • Kubernetes Subject Matter Experts

      Intimate knowledge of your microservices and its dependencies, constant collaboration with your dev and platform team. Helping to run and scale kubernetes workload seamlessly

    • Service Mesh Subject Matter Experts

      A mix of Kubernetes, Service Mesh and Networking geeks who are proficient in making most out of the given mesh.

  • SME Support & Escalation

    SME Support & Escalation

    Managed Kubernetes relies on automation and well-configured alerts, alarms and correlated events. In the event of service degradation, we provide three levels of support.

    • Level 1

      24×7 monitoring and scripted remediation for those things that go bump in the night

    • Level 2

      Core team of SREs, Kubernetes Engineers, Developers, Database Admins & Data Engineers

    • Level 3

      Kubernetes subject matter experts, consultants and architects to deal with the toughest troubleshooting

  • SRE Collaboration

    SRE Collaboration

    Our teams work together seamlessly to deliver value, keeping your end-customer in mind. Our site reliability engineers participate in your dev team's sprints, break-fix, postmortems and error budget management.

  • Trust

    Constant Automation & Optimization

    If anything can be automated, it will be automated. Our model is designed to incentivize constant improvement to your platform, making it more reliable, repeatable and cost-effective.

Managed Service Mesh 🔗

Fully managed one-stop solution for service mesh implementation.

Leave the complexities of running service mesh on us while you gain more insights into your applications.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Lifecycle Management

    • Installing, upgrading, and operating
    • One-click deployments
    • Scheduled patch management
    • Managed control plane
    • Managed data plane
    • Multi-cloud / Hybrid cloud support
    • Experienced service mesh team for incident management
  • Robust and Comprehensive Security

    Robust and Comprehensive Security

    • Maintaining zero trust model
    • Managing security policies
    • Managing certificates, tokens and service accounts
    • Managing identities and acls for given service mesh
  • Manage Traffic like a Pro

    Manage Traffic like a Pro

    • Traffic splitting
    • Canary release
    • Header based routing
    • Traffic shadowing
    • Fault injection
    • Re-routing
    • Timeout and Retry
    • Circuit breaking
    • Supporting Service Mesh provided load balancing
  • Measure, Monitor and Improve

    Measure, Monitor and Improve

    • Service dependency graphs
    • Centralized request logging
    • Centralized distributed tracing
    • Real-time metrics analysis and alerting