100% Managed DevOps & Site Reliability

Let us handle the plumbing

Building an app is challenging enough without having to worry about broken builds and disastrous deployments. CloudCover's battle-tested DevOps team takes care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to your customer instead of dealing with infrastructure.

  • Trust the Experts

    Trust the Experts

    Scale instantly with a battle-tested team of experienced cloud experts. We're fully certified across all three major public clouds and much more.

    • 24×7 Incident Management
    • Multicloud Certified DevOps Task Force
    • Solution Architecture Team
    • Technical Account Management
  • CI to Observability

    CI to Observability

    We connect all the dots in your DevOps assembly line, from build & test to infrastructure as code, all the way through to o11y & logging.

    • Continuous Integration, Delivery, Deployment & Security
    • End-to-end Logging, Monitoring & Instrumentation
    • Best Practice Architectures
  • Best-in-class Tooling

    Best-in-class Tooling

    CloudCover uses the best the cloud and open source has to offer.

    • Terraform


    • ElasticSearch


    • Helm


    • Packer


    • Spinnaker


  • SRE

    Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

    With any high-performing development team, things are bound to break. The trick is to recover quickly and find problems fast.

    • Carefully crafted SLOs
    • Error Budget Management
    • Toil Reporting

Accredited & Certified 💪

We're laser-focused on DevSecOps & we're great at it.

DevOps Teams

    • ISO:27001

Our Team

  • DevOps Teams

    51+ Google Cloud Certifications

  • DevOps Teams

    96+ Amazon Web Service Certifications

  • DevOps Teams

    20+ Azure Certifications

Delivery Model 🚢

Tried and tested to deliver the best the cloud offers; with shorter development cycles and higher reliability.

  • Dedicated Core Team

    Dedicated Core Team

    Every app is unique, and every team needs something special to be successful. Our pod model provides a stable team that collaborates and provides context for your specific environment.

    • Solution Architect

      Recommendations, analysis & understanding of your application.

    • Site Reliability Engineer

      Intimate knowledge of your app and its deployment cycle, constant collaboration with your dev team.

    • Technical Account Manager

      A mix of business outcome management and technical know-how, TAMs connect the dots and pull in SMEs as necessary.

  • SME Support & Escalation

    SME Support & Escalation

    Managed cloud relies on automation and well-configured alerts, alarms, and correlated events. In the event of service degradation, we provide three levels of support.

    • Level 1

      24×7 monitoring and scripted remediation for those things that go bump in the night.

    • Level 2

      Core team of SREs, DevOps Engineers, Developers, Database Admins & Data Engineers.

    • Level 3

      Subject matter experts, consultants and architects to deal with the toughest troubleshooting.

  • SRE Collaboration

    SRE Collaboration

    Our teams work together seamlessly to deliver value, keeping your end-customer in mind. Our site reliability engineers participate in your dev team's sprints, break-fix, postmortems, and error budget management.

  • Trust

    Constant Automation & Optimization

    If anything can be automated, it will be automated. Our model is designed to incentivize constant improvement to your platform, making it more reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective.

Pricing Model 💰

Aligning incentives to automation & efficiency

Our philosophy of extreme automation brings up some challenges with the traditional percentage-based pricing model found in legacy managed services. Our model incentivizes us to automate and become as efficient as possible in serving your needs.

  • Fixed fee per app+cloud combination

    Fixed fee per app+cloud combination

  • No resell/billing requirements

    No resell/billing requirements

  • No cloud consumption-based pricing model

    No cloud consumption-based pricing model

  • Pro-active cloud cost optimization

    Pro-active cloud cost optimization

Case Study

Migrated 60 million users in five hours with no downtime

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