What is Cloud-Native?

Unlock the true cloud.

Cloud native is an approach to building and running applications using the best that modern technology offers. Taken as a whole, it becomes a comprehensive architecture for innovation that incorporates the concepts of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Container-based applications to achieve new levels of speed, portability, and flexibility. CloudCover's Cloud-Native Methodology relies on adopting four architectural principles and two cultural ones.

How we help 💪

We help you unlock the cloud's true potential

  • Get Unstuck

    Get Unstuck

    Not realizing business value? Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? Staffing is not aligned? Culture of change is a challenge?

  • Plan for the Future

    Plan for the Future

    Need to see around corners? Have budgeting questions? Hard to derive ROI? Need to repatriate dev teams

  • Prepare for Change

    Prepare for Change

    Stuck in a time warp? Staff not able to adjust to evolutions? Need strategies to get departmental opt-in? Culture of change is a challenge?

  • Partner With You

    Partner With You

    Questions? We have answers, on-call! Second opinion? Unbiased and objective. Retain without constraint - invested in your success.

Architectural & Cultural Principles

  • Containerization and Orchestration

    Giving your developers the ability to control the environment that is used to run their code is liberating and dramatically reduces time-to-market

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Getting rid of cloud deployment inconsistencies, increase developer productivity, and lower costs

  • Automation & Microservices

    Dramatically reduces downtime, increases development velocity and develops responsive systems

  • Security Compliance

    Reduce the time investment necessary for compliance by enforcing industry standard policies as part of your pipeline

  • Distributed Responsibility

    Keeping teams agile, improving collaboration and quickens decision-making

  • Adaptive Strategy

    Allowing autonomous teams to ship updates without being dependent on other teams

Why go cloud native? 🚀

Build quicker with frictionless pipelines

Build quicker with frictionless pipelines

  • Increase Agility

    Increasing the agility of engineering departments and reducing friction with IT

  • Faster Deployment

    Putting features into production within days/hours, instead of months

  • CI/CD Pipelines

    Utilizing modern CI/CD pipelines, enabling increased velocity and constant evolution

  • Reduced Complexity and Risk

    Security by design reduces risk and provides easy fallback when needed

What We Do 🛠️

Teleport into the Future

CloudCover's consulting team has translated learnings from some of the fastest-growing companies in the world into a comprehensive framework to help your business. We hold your hand as your team jumps into the future: partnering, coaching, and helping you navigate the brave new frontier of the modern digital enterprise.

  • Application Architecture Consulting

    Application Architecture Consulting

    Our consulting team can design, roadmap, recommend and analyze your application infrastructure.

    • Service Discovery Sessions
    • Architecture & Design Documentation
    • Propose cloud-based managed services
    • Design a sound microservice-centric architecture diagram
    • Application development roadmaps and best practice recommendations
  • Data Consulting

    Data Consulting

    Our team reviews your current data architecture and even build data pipelines for you.

    • Data Discovery Sessions
    • Architecture & Design Documentation
    • Optimize data entity models
    • Propose managed database services
    • Design and architect a cohesive data flow
  • Infrastructure Consulting

    Infrastructure Consulting

    Our consulting experts can help you overcome the challenges related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy.

    • Perform an exhaustive full-stack infrastructure review
    • Identification of performance constraints
    • Workload placement considerations aligned to infrastructure
    • Develop a Cloud Native Infrastructure Roadmap
  • DevSecOps Consulting

    DevSecOps Consulting

    Our consultants can help to improve the security of your applications and CI/CD pipelines.

    • CI / CD discovery sessions
    • Architecture & Design Documentation
    • Understand current deployment workflows and tools used
    • Assess security & compliance policies

How we do it 🧰

We leverage a unique framework (CNCTM) and methodology (CNC-DM) to address customer challenges.

  • Cloud-Native Consulting (CNC)

    CNC TM

  • Cloud Native Consulting Delivery Methodology (CNC-DM)


How we get there 🏎️

5-Phase Cloud Native Consulting Delivery Methodology (CNC-DM)

  • Scope of Engagement

    Scope of Engagement

  • Governance & Structure

    Governance & Structure

  • Agile Solution Development

    Agile Solution Development

  • Implementation


  • Deploy & Refine

    Deploy & Refine

  • Assessment

  • Architecture & Network Design

  • DevSecOps Toolchain Integration

  • Data Persistence & Protection

  • Security & Governance

  • Monitoring and Observability