Managed Cloud

Focus on building your next big thing, let us worry about keeping everything up.

Your team knows they should be focused on delivering value to your customers. But with the complexity of modern applications, a lot of time gets spent working on tooling, deployments, monitoring and, firefighting. CloudCover's Managed Cloud unlocks the full potential of your team by freeing them up from the repetitive tasks, letting them focus on what matters most.

  • Managed DevOps & SRE

    Managed DevOps & SRE

    We manage your cloud-native applications, optimize your cloud spend, ensure high availability, and lower your engineering toil.

  • Managed Kubernetes & Service Mesh

    Managed Kubernetes & Service Mesh

    Our team dramatically simplifies the upkeep of your modernized stack on Kubernetes. We manage scale while optimizing cost and performance.

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Professional Services

We've been architecting, building and deploying applications, and data systems on the cloud for 10 years.

CloudCover offers both comprehensive consulting and technology services to help you make the momentous transition to cloud-native. Take advantage of our experience and our deep partnerships to help your team ramp up quickly, reducing the time to business value. Let's build your future together.

  • Co-Innovation


    We’ve worked on some of the world’s largest cloud-native migrations, have seen how unicorns run from the inside, and have collaborated with engineering teams that are building the cloud.

  • Modernisation


    Take advantage of the latest that the cloud has to offer from scalable design patterns to zero-touch databases. We constantly automate and improve systems so you have a cutting-edge app.

  • Migration


    When done right, migrations can be silky smooth and can happen with zero downtime. We've conducted some of the largest in the world.

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Cloud-Native Consulting

The rules have changed, switch up your game

Cloud native is an approach to building and running applications using the best that modern technology offers. Taken as a whole, it becomes a comprehensive architecture for innovation that incorporates the concepts of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Container-based applications to achieve new levels of speed, portability, and flexibility. CloudCover's Cloud-Native Methodology relies on adopting four architectural principles and two cultural ones.

  • Application Architecture Consulting

    Application Architecture Consulting

    Our consulting team can design, roadmap, recommend and analyze your application infrastructure.

  • Data Consulting

    Data Consulting

    Our team reviews your current data architecture and even build data pipelines for you.

  • Infrastructure Consulting

    Infrastructure Consulting

    Our consulting experts can help you overcome the challenges related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy.

  • DevSecOps Consulting

    DevSecOps Consulting

    Our consultants can help to improve the security of your applications and CI/CD pipelines.

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  • Genflix

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Our Team

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