What Does It Do?

Data Pipes is a dataops & insights generation platform that helps analytics and IT teams to control, trust & democratize their data by automating its practices.

  • Ingest At Scale

    Ingest At Scale

    Application and infrastructure source code is combined as a configuration artifact which generates an observability file based on the resources being provisioned.

  • Safe & Secure

    Safe & Secure

    By owning the entire pipeline we can control data tightly delivering security (GDPR) & trust (data quality).

  • Trust


    Have confidence that your insights can be relied upon.

  • Trust


    Analyse ingested data by easy integrations with Jupyter Notebooks and BI tools.

Who is it for 🤩

One stop solution for standalone data sets, vendor lock-in, data governance, security & sharing, data-driven business solutions

  • Data Analysts

    Data Analysts

  • Data owners

    Data owners

  • Data managers

    Data managers

  • Data scientists

    Data scientists

Integrations 🔌

Your Tools & Your Rules

Data Pipes comes with an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors for on-premises and cloud databases, SaaS applications, documents, NoSQL sources, and more to quickly load data into your cloud data environment.

  • GCP Pub/Sub GCP Pub/Sub
  • Oracle Database Oracle Database
  • Mongo DB Mongo DB
  • Microsoft SQLserver Microsoft SQLserver
  • AWS Kinesis AWS Kinesis
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Kafka kafka

Ingestion 🎯

A data replication platform that replicates data to your data lake in real-time using state of the art CDC technology.

  • Quality & Speed

    Quality & Speed

    Data Pipes leverages Debezium to securely ingest data in a data lake using Change Data Capture (CDC). Data is perfectly replicated in minutes, with minimal load on the source systems.

  • Deployed in your cloud

    Deployed in your cloud

    From data sources to your cloud data lake, the data never leaves your cloud. Retain complete control over your data at every stage of the journey.

  • No Code

    No Code

    From an intuitive user interface, Data Analysts can quickly create new data ingestion pipelines without writing any code.

Catalog 🔍

Discover, sort, and organize all your data intelligently to accelerate transition towards data driven business decisions.

Empower your organization with easy access to trusted data.

  • Data Discovery

    Data Discovery

    Find existing datasets in your data lake, understand what the data means and who’s the expert. Share domain knowledge across the organization and easily find which datasets can help work on a use case.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Quickly go from data discovery to analysis or Machine Learning modelling. Share analytics and models through the organization.

  • Data Governance

    Data Governance

    Manage and organize your data to enable collaboration and access to only the authorized users. Curtails the risk of data misuse by delivering data which is consistent and secured.

  • PII Tagging

    PII Tagging

    Foster accountability in data use and promote data ethics using classification, tagging and masking of sensitive data to ensure its protection and meet PII compliance.

  • Data Lineage

    Data Lineage

    Understand the full context of your data from end-to-end data visualization. With granular level analysis, know where the data is coming from, how it is being used and who is using it.


A team of certified data scientists, engineers & hundreds of data consulting hours

we can help you transform your data operations with state-of-the-art techniques and proprietary solutions.

  • Database Migration

    Database Migration

    • Complex Migrations with Zero Downtime
    • Real-time Migrations with best practices
  • Datawarehousing


    • Datalake Setup across Multiple Clouds
    • Automated Ingestion & Transformation Pipelines
    • Performant & Efficient Data Warehouses
  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    • State-of-the-art Reports
    • Advanced AI/ML Pipelines for Complex Predictions
  • Database Optimization

    Database Optimization

    • Performance Tuning of Managed Databases
    • Best Practices for Cluster Health & Performance
  • DataOps


    • Smoother Execution with Enriched Data Pipelines
    • Timely Resolution of Issues
    • Patches & Code Upgrades
  • Machine Learning Ops

    Machine Learning Ops

    • Automate Model Tuning, Optimisation & Deployment
    • Infrastructure Provisioning
    • Roles, Security & Network Provisioning