Code Pipes connects all the dots in the DevSecOps lifecycle for modern cloud-native apps.

  • Day 0

    Plan your cloud architecture

    Accelerate planning by choosing from a library of secure environments and architectures

  • Day 1

    Securely provision cloud resources

    Use the power of infrastructure-as-code to quickly provision compliant environments

  • Day 1

    Build, deploy, promote & rollback apps & dependencies

    Integrate & deliver code straight into environments with repeatability, reliability and security

  • Day 2

    Observe app & cloud in one place

    Collect all the information from every source for total observability and higher reliability

  • Day 2

    Control drift and risk over time

    Near real-time inventory, burn and security scans provide control over your cloud environment

  • Day 2

    Understand with powerful insights

    Customizable dashboards built to deliver business outcomes and drive value across all your projects

Integrations 🖇️

Your code → Your tools → Your cloud

  • Python Python
  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • GoLang GoLang
  • GitHub GitHub
  • GitLab GitLab
  • Terraform Atlantis
  • Ansible Ansible
  • Anthos Anthos
  • Docker Docker
  • Open Policy Open Policy
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • kubernetes kubernetes
  • Istio Istio
  • Google Cloud Platform Terraform
  • Your CI App Your CI App
  • CloudCover | Code Pipes CloudCover
  • Google Cloud Platform GCP
  • Amazon Web Services AWS
  • Microsoft Azure Azure


Give your users the flexibility to interact with the cloud any way they please. Choose from the Web App, Command Line Interface (CLI) or API/SDK.

Core Features 🎯

Getting to the cloud doesn’t need to be rocket science. Code Pipes does all the heavy lifting so you can launch apps fast.

  • devops-as-code


    Declarative from Build to Observability

    Express your entire configuration and application lifecycle as code. Built on open standards like Terraform and CNAB, Code Pipes is the fastest way to assemble DevSecOps pipelines.

  • cloud component library


    Repeatable & Developer-friendly

    Dramatically speed up the adoption lifecycle of cloud-native with our reusable component library. Code Pipes ships with a ready-to-use best practice library that can be extended by your DevOps team.

  • guardrails + policy enforcement


    Pre-emptive & Continuous Security by Design

    Secure your cloud applications automatically from application code to infrastructure configuration in one platform, all with centralized audit logging and compliance reporting.



    Wire up your favorite tools seamlessly

    Use the best of open source and market-leading commercial tools. Code Pipes’ robust plug-in architecture allows seamless integration with any modern platform.

  • customizable workflows


    Templatize your unique workflows

    Everyone has a unique process to go from development to production. Code Pipes lets you model your ideal workflow so you get to work your way in a collaborative and repeatable fashion.

  • billing + asset management


    Control sprawl and drift with near real-time inventory

    Forget about your ITIL CMDB, Code Pipes can automatically tag and estimate billing across your entire cloud environment allowing budgeting and cost control at a granular level.

  • Observability + reporting


    Measure what matters to deliver higher reliability

    Connect whitebox, blackbox, APM and more for complete observability, all on a single pane of glass. Get insights with 360° reporting of your entire DevOps lifecycle to boost developer velocity.

  • zero lock-in


    Everything continues to work even without Code Pipes

    Some tools can cripple your systems when they are removed. Code Pipes is built to be completely replaceable, everything it deploys will continue to function even without the platform.

  • enterprise support


    Helping with every step of the journey

    Code Pipes provides round-the-clock support and a 99.99% SLA for the core platform. Our customer success team helps configure and customize the platform to suit your unique needs.


Every DevOps team has a favorite stack that they’re passionate about.

  • Plug-ins

    Code Pipes’ extensible plug-in architecture enables teams to choose from industry-leading platforms or roll their own with our connector SDK and audit log sink.


  • Deepsource Deepsource
  • Sonatype Sonatype
  • Sonarqube Sonarqube


  • GitHub GitHub
  • GitLab GitLab
  • Terraform Atlantis
  • Ansible Ansible
  • Isito Isito
  • Docker Docker
  • kubernetes kubernetes
  • Helm Helm
  • Terraform Terraform


  • Open Policy Agent Open Policy
  • Snyk Snyk
  • Fortify Fortify
  • Checkmarx Checkmarx
  • Aqua Aqua
  • Palo Alto Palo Alto


  • Sentry Sentry
  • DataDog DataDog
  • Grafana Grafana
  • Pagerduty Pagerduty
  • New Relic New Relic
  • Prometheus Prometheus

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