We've been architecting, deploying, and managing infrastructure on AWS since 2008

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, CloudCover helps startups and agile enterprises migrate to AWS. We deliver robust, scalable, and customized cloud-native solutions.We received AWS DevOps Competency and the AWS Partner Network (APN) distinction badge for completing 50 AWS certifications across various roles and levels within each.

  • Amazon Web Services - Advanced Consulting Partner - DevOps Competency

  • Amazon Web Services - Advanced Consulting Partner - Public Sector Partner

CI/CD ♾️

Allows Ops and Dev teams to work more efficiently

To build secure, reliable and scalable CI/CD pipelines quickly, going cloud-native is crucial. Now, we understand the complexity that comes with going cloud-native and by adding the CI/CD component, the complexity level does go high. But all that hard work is worth it, as it results in raising the bar of how our CI/CD systems work. It also allows Ops and Dev teams to work more efficiently, giving them room to make mistakes.

At CloudCover, we spend the time building automations by taking advantage of best-in-class cloud-native tooling that AWS has to offer. With our CI/CD solution, you have the power to get your services up and running in a secure, standardised, and quick manner with just one-click.

Expertise 👑

  • Speedy Deployments

    Speedy Deployments

    Our cloud-native CI/CD solution allows you to build infrastructure and application pipelines with just one click. Automate the process of orchestrating development, testing, and deployment pipelines for your cloud-native applications.

  • All Things Cloud-native

    All Things Cloud-native

    Build, test, and deploy across multiple environments such as VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase with standard build and deployment methods.

  • Monitor from Anywhere

    Monitor from Anywhere

    To successfully run a highly scalable cloud-native environment you need to be able to monitor the setup effectively. We built close integrations with cloud-native tooling to make it easier for you to monitor the events for your pipelines.

Tools 🧰

  • Elastic Benastalk Elastic Benastalk
  • Amazon EKS Amazon EKS
  • Amazon Fargate Amazon Fargate
  • Amazon Code Pipeline Amazon Code Pipeline
  • Amazon CodeCommit Amazon CodeCommit
  • GitHub GitHub

# In Numbers 🪄

  • 90+ AWS Certified Engineers

    90+ AWS Certified Engineers

  • DevOps Teams

    AWS 50 Certified Partner Network

Data Lake 🗂️

Data Lake in a Box

We have accelerated the process of creating Data Lake on the AWS Platform for both startups as well as enterprises. The solution leverages generic Terraform provisioning templates and fully configurable Glue Jobs to load the raw data into the AWS Data Lake. Sounds like a lot to handle? We have got it covered.

Expertise 👑

  • Data Processing & Metadata Management

    Data Processing & Metadata Management

    Auto schema detection using GCS external schema. Configurable data pipeline with partitions. Efficient columnar storage using formats like Parquet and Avro.

  • Integrate Multiple Data Sources

    Integrate Multiple Data Sources

    Ingest data from disparate sources such as API, Streaming, and Batch sources using AWS Glue.

  • Data Governance and Security

    Data Governance and Security

    Role based and fine grained access control using Lake Formation. Encryption of data at rest and while in motion. Identification and masking of key business attributes using AWS KMS.

  • ETL Monitoring

    ETL Monitoring

    Capture ETL pipeline lineage, ability to restart from failure point, failure notifications and alerts.

  • Data Analytics and Visualization

    Data Analytics and Visualization

    Run ad hoc analysis using simple SQL language. Make interactive dashboards on top of the data lake to get real-time insights.

Tools 🧰

  • Lambda Lambda
  • Kinesis Kinesis
  • Lake Formation Lake Formation
  • Redshift Redshift
  • CloudTrail CloudTrail
  • Athena Athena
  • DynamoDB DynamoDB
  • Glue Glue
  • SageMaker SageMaker
  • End-to-end Observability CloudWatch

# In Numbers 🪄

  • DevOps Teams

    40+ Active Engagement

  • DevOps Teams

    AWS 50 Certified Partner Network

Media 📺

Cloud-native Media Transcoder

CloudCover’s Cloud-native Media Transcoder is all about creating an automated solution to help the media industry take advantage of cloud-native technology.

The solution can be deployed in one-click and can be integrated with your current CMS platforms, extending the transcoding pipeline into your current workflows.

Tools 🧰

  • Elemental MediaConvert Elemental MediaConvert
  • Elemental MediaPackage Elemental MediaPackage
  • Lambda Lambda
  • CloudWatch CloudWatch
  • S3 S3
  • CloudFront CloudFront
  • EDynamoDB DynamoDB
  • StepFunctions StepFunctions

Customers 🙂

  • Sinarmas

  • Super-Max!

  • Shaadi.com

  • Nykaa

  • Mahindra

  • Genflix

  • Play Games24x7

  • Ducati

  • Clik

  • BlueFire AI

  • Hooq