Case Study

Tokopedia - Google Cloud Migration from Alibaba Cloud

CloudCover + GCP + Tokopedia

About Tokopedia

Tokopedia, one of Indonesia's leading tech companies with one of the country's largest marketplace platforms

They serve 5.9 million merchants and 90 million active users every month. With 5% e-commerce penetration in Indonesia, there are still major opportunities and exciting challenges ahead for Tokopedia to further democratize commerce through technology for the 260 million people of Indonesia.

Result Overview

  • 250+ Service migrated

    250+ Service migrated

  • 75000+ Cores migrated to GCP

    75000+ Cores migrated to GCP

  • 95% traffic throughput on GCP

    95% traffic throughput on GCP

  • 1000+ Jira Tickets created

    1000+ Jira Tickets created

  • Limited downtime

    Limited downtime

  • Improved Reliability

    Improved Reliability

The Challenge

Tokopedia required a partner with cloud native expertise to work collaboratively with it's engineering team and come up with automation templates to accelerate the migration of over 200 live services to Google Cloud in a short time and minimum impact on the day to day business operations.

Technical Solution

  • Automation


    Service discovery automation that enables faster migrations by analyzing service interactions and dependencies.

  • Less Downtime

    Less Downtime

    Automated migration process and detailed plans for datastore migration ensured all the risks are covered with minimal downtime.

  • Efficiency


    Extensive use of configuration management tools to gain efficiency and avoid mistakes during migrations.

Cloudcover Impact

Over 200 micro-services were rapidly migrated with minimum downtime.

Cloudcover Impact

Through this project, over 200 micro-services were rapidly migrated with minimum downtime as well as ported to high availability database clusters on Google Cloud.

Tokopedia's DevOps pipelines were overhauled and the Infrastructure-as-Code automation was implemented to reduce management overhead post-migration.


“CloudCover's expertize in DevOps and automation was instrumental in accelerating our GCP migration effort and providing a standardized and reliable production environment for the migrated services.”

 Vishal Parpia Tahir Hashmi, Vice President of Engineering, Tokopedia

Tools Used

  • Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataflow
  • Cloud Dataproc Cloud Dataproc
  • Cloud Bigquery Cloud Bigquery
  • Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Cloud-Sql Cloud-Sql
  • Compute Engine Compute Engine
  • Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Engine
  • Github Github
  • Cassandra Cassandra
  • Redis Redis
  • Ansible Ansible
  • Terraform Terraform
  • Open Policy Agency Open Policy Agency
  • Mongodb Mongodb