Cloud Migration - Stage Setting

Migration Basics | Concepts | Terminology | Benefits

by Utkarsh Sharma


  • An overview of the need for migration to the cloud, the benefits & why CloudCover is the ideal partner for the Cloud Migration process
  • The key benefits of migrating your infrastructure to the cloud include remote management, scalability, cost efficiency and reduced capital expenditure

Stage Setting

Migrating to the cloud

While companies have been gradually adopting cloud strategies and moving their IT operations to the cloud, the COVID pandemic of 2020 saw companies across the planet close physical operations and move to remote and anywhere operations. This drove companies to move their on-premise IT operations to the cloud faster to enable minimal impact to business as usual. With the ever-increasing pace of Cloud migrations, we, at CloudCover, believe that 90% of workloads globally will be on the cloud by 2030.

⛅📈✈️ Gartner predicts that Customer spending on cloud will reach $396 billion in 2021 and grow 21.7% to reach $482 billion in 2022. Also, by 2026, public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending, up from less than 17% in 2021.

With remote or anywhere working as the new normal, access to data, development and deployment platforms and remote team collaborations are the need of the hour. Advanced cloud infrastructure platforms with innovative features, ease of integration and secured anywhere access is the best choice to enable the new normal working style. Teams dispersed geographically are now able to communicate, collaborate, develop, deploy and support their applications and ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

Making the case for migrating to the cloud

As with any key organisational initiative, the decision to migrate IT operations from on-premise to the cloud needs decision makers to fully understand the benefits of this exercise. Here are some key benefits to help organisational decision makers started on this journey:

  • Flexible Remote Management

    Flexible Remote Management

    With remote and anywhere working as the norm arising from the COVID pandemic, we have executed migrations of 1000s of virtual machines to the cloud – all with minimal downtime and no physical interactions. With a good internet connection supporting you, the cloud makes it easy to deploy and manage resources from anywhere in the world.

  • King Kong Scalability

    King Kong Scalability

    Business operations often require rapid scaling of your application and infrastructure – done with ease and minimal efforts when working with a trusted cloud partner.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Cost Efficiency

    While some cloud offerings are costly, they are more cost-effective in the longer term, compared to on-premise infrastructure. You only pay for what you use and this is the real beauty of cloud.

    Fun Fact: Do you know you can run a VM on the cloud for a day for just the cost of a M&M gems packet?

  • Reduced CapEx

    Reduced CapEx

    On-premise IT hardware needs to be selected, acquired, managed, backed up and then periodically upgraded – a costly exercise in terms of both time and money. Moving to the cloud, shifts this responsibility to the Public Cloud providers – who will install, manage, back up and upgrade your infrastructure seamlessly – all for a fixed monthly pay-as-you-use fee.

  • Simple as a Sauce

    Simple as a Sauce

    With just a few clicks, you can have your infrastructure up and running on cloud. It’s really that easy to deploy and manage applications on cloud using console, CLI or APIs.

Why Cloudcover

Our award-winning team are experienced across the 3 major public clouds & key cloud-native technology

Why Cloudcover

  • Our Partners

    Premier Google Cloud Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Azure Gold Partner – our expertise certified by the leading names in the business.

  • Unicorns in our Midst

    We have supported startups across gaming, crypto exchanges, e-commerce and transportation among others, on their journey to becoming Unicorn successes with the required Cloud strategy, migration and management strategy and DevOps expertise.


“CloudCover has helped us migrate more than 70K cores and accelerated our cloud journey.”

A VP from one of the biggest ecommerce companies in Asia

Cloud Migration Journey

Continuing the journey to the Cloud

The Migration Strategy and Roadmap blog in our series will explore the key points to consider while making the decision to migrate to the cloud.

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