The media landscape is transforming the way content is being produced and consumed

It is constantly changing and is expected to adapt to user needs and behaviours. The question that arises is how do these agile media companies keep a check on the latest technologies and deliver amazing content at the same time.

At CloudCover, we bridge that gap by building a strong technological backbone using our years of experience in the Media industry -- be it Gaming, Streaming/ Broadcast services, we have been building tailored solutions for Media & Entertainment customers across multiple platforms and clouds.

Expertise 👑

  • Robust And Scalable Video Encoding Pipelines

    Robust And Scalable Video Encoding Pipelines

    Live video feeds processing (OTT) leveraging CDN for streaming capabilities, whilst improving efficiency with automation on Job/Pipeline creation.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

    Make sense of data with streaming and ETL pipelines. Build custom dashboards and visualizations that matter to your business and customers.

  • Platform Modernization

    Platform Modernization

    Modernize your cloud-native infrastructure securely while allowing your business to expand, scale and grow to meet your customers’ demands.

In Numbers 🪄

  • GCP APAC Services Partner of the Year Award, 2020

    GCP APAC Services Partner of the Year Award, 2020

  • 115 Million users migrated with no downtime

    ~5 PB of data migrated with no downtime

Customers 🙂

  • Games 24x7

  • Genflix

  • ShareChat

Accredited & Certified 💪

We're laser-focused on DevSecOps & we're great at it.

DevOps Teams

    • ISO:27001

# Our Team

  • Google Cloud Certifications

    51+ Google Cloud Certifications

  • Amazon Web Service Certifications

    96+ Amazon Web Service Certifications

  • Azure Certifications

    20+ Azure Certifications