Embrace big data, machine learning & the cloud to deliver a frictionless experience.

The finance industry is no stranger to using SaaS applications for business processes and this growth in cloud adoption is poised to become the dominant infrastructure model. At CloudCover, our years of experience working with start-ups has given us the edge to deliver extreme automation.

Expertise 👑

  • DevSecOps as a Service

    DevSecOps as a Service

    Assemble your cloud-native architecture of choice with secure and automated infrastructure build pipelines, tailored to your business needs, ensuring positive experience for your customers.

  • Fast Go-to-Market and Expansion

    Fast Go-to-Market and Expansion

    Simplified operations and infrastructure monitoring to scale your business efficiently.

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Collect, store and visualize data while meeting compliance.

  • API Stitching

    API Stitching

    Transform digitally to support omni-channel engagement points by focusing more on the system or application’s behavior, providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Enterprise Support

    Enterprise Support

    Our team of experts provide 24/7 support and proactively monitor and fix your builds.

In Numbers 🪄

  • GCP APAC Services Partner of the Year Award, 2020

    GCP APAC Services Partner of the Year Award, 2020

  • 115 Million users migrated with no downtime

    ~115 Million users migrated with no downtime

Customers 🙂

  • Bluefire AI

  • Clik

  • EkoPay

Accredited & Certified 💪

We're laser-focused on DevSecOps & we're great at it.

DevOps Teams

    • ISO:27001

Our Team

  • Google Cloud Certifications

    51+ Google Cloud Certifications

  • Amazon Web Service Certifications

    96+ Amazon Web Service Certifications

  • Azure Certifications

    20+ Azure Certifications