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The finance industry is no stranger to using SaaS applications for business processes and this growth in cloud adoption is poised to become the dominant infrastructure model. Faced with tech-savvy customers, many FinTech start-ups have embraced big data, machine learning and the cloud in order to deliver a frictionless and high-quality experience.

At CloudCover, our years of experience working with start-ups has given us the edge to deliver extreme automation.


  • DevSecOps as a Service

    Assemble your cloud-native architecture of choice with secure and automated infrastructure build pipelines, tailored to your business needs, ensuring positive experience for your customers.

  • Fast Go-to-Market and Expansion

    Simplified operations and infrastructure monitoring to scale your business efficiently.

  • Big Data

    Collect, store and visualize data while meeting compliance.

  • API Stitching

    Transform digitally to support omni-channel engagement points by focusing more on the system or application’s behavior, providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Enterprise Support

    Our team of experts provide 24/7 support and proactively monitor and fix your builds.


  • Bluefire AI

  • Clik

  • EkoPay

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Media & Entertainment

The media landscape is transforming the way content is being produced and consumed. It is constantly changing and is expected to adapt to user needs and behaviours. The question that arises is how do these agile media companies keep a check on the latest technologies and deliver amazing content at the same time.

At CloudCover, we bridge that gap by building a strong technological backbone using our years of experience in the Media industry -- be it Gaming, Streaming/ Broadcast services, we have been building tailored solutions for M&E customers across multiple platforms and clouds.


  • Robust And Scalable Video Encoding Pipelines

    Live video feeds processing (OTT) leveraging CDN for streaming capabilities, whilst improving efficiency with automation on Job/Pipeline creation.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Make sense of data with streaming and ETL pipelines. Build custom dashboards and visualizations that matter to your business and customers.

  • Platform Modernization

    Modernize your cloud-native infrastructure securely while allowing your business to expand, scale and grow to meet your customers’ demands.


  • Games 24x7

  • Genflix

  • ShareChat

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Public Sector

Modernised digital transformation has proven to be vital for the public sector to continue thriving, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when citizens and businesses need more government support and services than ever.

At CloudCover, we work closely with the government to ensure that the move to the cloud is security compliant, upholds privacy integrity and is resilient.


  • Machine Learning Analytics & Data Visualisation

    Leverage advanced cloud capabilities such as big data and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and custom build dashboards and visualizations for more efficient data analysis.

  • Cloud Automation

    A scalable and efficient way to modernize business processes that increase productivity, driving positive customer experiences.

  • Smart Nation

    Empower citizens and businesses through increased access to data, allowing the harnessing of innovative technology to create tech-enabled solutions.

  • Multi-Cloud Management

    To automate the task and optimize cost, enterprises need a robust and agile multi-cloud management platform.

  • Internet of Things

    Ensuring public safety and timeliness of emergency response by tapping into big data from various IoT applications.

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Retail & E-commerce

The Retail and eCommerce industry is extremely customer-centric and is constantly looking for data points to understand the ever-changing user needs and behaviours, and at the same time develop creative ways to market and connect with customers in a seamless manner.

CloudCover collaborates closely with its customers and public clouds to transform businesses and improve time to market with cloud-native technology solutions.


  • DevSecOps as a Service

    Create a secure and compliant cloud-native infrastructure with automated pipelines with our team of experts who provides 24/7 support.

  • Data Ingestion & Processing

    Efficiently move streaming data, IoT data, file data and databases onto cloud data lakes and warehouses. Make more data available for advanced analytics.

  • Platform Modernization

    Develop, deploy, and scale applications fast and securely in a cloud-native environment.

  • Monitoring

    Leverage advanced cloud capabilities such as big data and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to drive maximum value for customers.

  • API Stitching

    Focus on the system or application’s behavior to provide a seamless customer experience and deliver new revenue opportunities for your business.


  • Bukalapak

  • Nykaa

  • Scootsy

  • ShareChat

  • Tokopedia

  • Shaadi

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