Cloud computing has been our DNA for 10 years so take full advantage of our experience.

CloudCover brings cloud-native technologies to both start-ups and enterprises, helping companies in these industries to transform and scale digitally, without compromising on the security, privacy, and stability of their systems.

FinTech 💰

Embrace big data, machine learning & the cloud to deliver a frictionless experience.

The finance industry is no stranger to using SaaS applications for business processes and this growth in cloud adoption is poised to become the dominant infrastructure model. At CloudCover, our years of experience working with start-ups has given us the edge to deliver extreme automation.

Expertise 👑

  • DevSecOps as a Service

    DevSecOps as a Service

  • Fast Go-to-Market and Expansion

    Fast Go-to-Market and Expansion

  • Big Data

    Big Data

  • API Stitching

    API Stitching

  • Enterprise Support

    Enterprise Support

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Media & Entertainment 📺

The media landscape is transforming the way content is being produced and consumed.

At CloudCover we help you become an agile media company by keeping a check on the latest technologies and deliver amazing content at the same time.

Expertise 👑

  • Robust And Scalable Video Encoding Pipelines

    Robust And Scalable Video Encoding Pipelines

  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

  • Platform Modernization

    Platform Modernization

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Public Sector 🏛️

Citizen and businesses need more digital government support and services now than ever.

Modernised digital transformation has proven to be vital for the public sector to continue thriving. At CloudCover, we work closely with the government to ensure that the move to the cloud is security compliant, upholds privacy integrity and is resilient.

Expertise 👑

  • Machine Learning Analytics & Data Visualisation

    Machine Learning Analytics & Data Visualisation

  • Cloud Automation

    Cloud Automation

  • Smart Nation

    Smart Nation

  • Multi-Cloud Management

    Multi-Cloud Management

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

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