End-to-end Cloud Transformation

What is Evolve?

Transform and modernize every part of your stack with Evolve, a set of solutions designed to help organizations get rid of technical debt, re-architect and re-platform applications and become cloud native. CloudCover is with you every step of the way, all the way from planning out your evolution path to containerizing your monolithic apps.

Evolve Path

Our battle-tested cloud transformation methodology and framework, Evolve Path reduces risk and improves outcomes. Lean on our hard-won experience to help chart your course for a successful digital transformation.

Evolve Infra

Whether you want to move from monolithic to microservice architecture; servers to serverless or VMs to containers - we've got everything figured out for you.

Evolve Insights

Tap into the potential hidden inside your data with Evolve Insights, our solution to take raw data and extract valuable insights. Whether it’s analyzing and visualizing trends or building real-time ML predictors, we’ve got it covered.

Evolve DB

Evolve DB provides effective solutions to simplify switching from legacy databases to new age systems. With innovative methods like driver proxies and message bus replication we can retool apps to use new-age data platforms with a minimum of code change and downtime.

Evolve Data Lake

Evolve Data Lake combines disparate sources of data into an all-encompassing data platform through a combination of optimized ETL workflows, near real-time data aggregation and dynamic segmentation. The result is a ready-to-consume cloud-based, SQL-compatible platform that is performant and cost-effective.

Evolve Networking

When 10 microservices become 1000, the complexity of managing it is proportionally higher. Evolve the service maze into a performant service mesh to manage your cluster of containers with our Evolve Network framework.

Evolve App

Evolve App is a combination of solutions and consulting to transform your application into a cloud-native, high-performance, hyper-scale capable system. We combine the best tools the cloud has to offer with design patterns and components that have already been battle-tested so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Evolve Ops

Automate every aspect of your IT and Data operations with Evolve Ops, a family of modular solutions designed to speed up common operational tasks. Our scripts and templates provide a reliable and flexible operational framework upon which to build your DevOps, ChatOps and GitOps.