Cloud Lipo

Get rid of the fat in your cloud stack


Controlling cloud costs is an ongoing struggle, one that CloudCover is all too familiar with. Our Cloud Lipo program systematically cuts the fat out of your cloud environment with a combination of automated inventory evaluation and good old fashioned consulting.

Even if you're running lean and mean on VMs, Cloud Lipo can still squeeze more savings out of your platform by optimizing caching layers/static assets, moving to containers or lambda functions or using pre-emptible/spot/low-priority VMs.

If your cloud bill is giving you a headache, you should probably give us a call.

Cloud Selector

Let us help you pick the right cloud for your needs

Cloud Selector

The cloud changes quickly. Keeping up is a full-time job. Luckily for you, it's our job. Get the help you need to pick the right cloud with Cloud Selector. A one day, all encompassing, deep dive session to discuss your IT roadmap and plan for the future.

Meant for C-level and IT heads, Cloud Selector is about understanding your needs and then putting together a plan that encompasses infrastructure, data, networking and optimisation so you can hit the ground running on the right cloud from day one.

Conducted on-site by our Solutions Architects and subject matter experts, we take apart the systems you run to figure out how to get the most out of your cloud.

Design Validator

Measure twice, cut once


Lurking inside your design spec is some component that's going to break under strain. Just when you need everything to go flawlessly, systems crash and ruin all your hard work.

CloudCover created the Validator to stop this from happening. We scrutinize every part of your architectural design, optimizing along the way, sharing best practices and sample code to help your development team find and fix issues before they take you down.

Conducted off-site and involving our Subject Matter Experts, Solutions Architects, DataOps and DevOps Engineers we work with your team to isolate and refine before you waste effort doing things the wrong way.

Scale Clinic

Unfortunately in technology, there's no such thing as too big to fail

Scale Clinic

There's nothing worse than failing at scale. It's the exact moment you need your systems to be rock solid because you're welcoming new customers to your platform but that's the exact moment when things implode. Or maybe it's a little less dramatic and your reporting times have climbed from a few minutes to a few hours.

CloudCover's scale clinic is a one shot, one problem solution. We identify the bottleneck, implement a quick fix to boost speed and propose a new architecture that is more capable of dealing with the volume you worked so hard to achieve.