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What is Code Pipes?

Code Pipes is a DevOps & Application Value Stream Delivery Platform that connects the dots between cloud infrastructure, environments & applications simplifying management & governance without sacrificing developer velocity.

Code Pipes is

  • The Installer for the Cloud

    Code Pipes lets anyone install apps on the cloud as easily as installing apps on your phone using cloud-native application bundles.

  • Developer-Friendly

    Built with developers in mind, Code Pipes takes away all the messy bits of building, deploying and running apps on the public cloud.

  • Built to be Cloud Native

    Code Pipes relies on the best platforms the cloud has to offer to reduce operational overhead.

  • Compatible with the best tools

    Code Pipes integrates with the best open source and popular commercial DevOps tooling so you don't have to change your workflow.

  • SRE-ready

    With built-in observability dashboards and connectors to cloud-native monitoring platforms, Code Pipes gets you to SRE faster.

  • Secure by design

    Through policy as code and proactive enforcement, Code Pipes ensures your app and cloud is always compliant with your security posture.

Who is Code Pipes for?

  • Developers


    Code Pipes lets devs get on with the work of shipping code without context switching and manual workflows. Deep GitOps integration ensures seamless deployment.


    • Safely work with the latest cloud technology
    • One-click validation and deployment
    • Interact through the web application, CLI, SDK, API, or IDE
  • DevOps Teams

    DevOps Teams

    Code Pipes drives repeatability with DevOps teams by enabling a common set of environment variables that can be used across infrastructure, security policy, and application.


    • Dependency management with CNABs offers even deeper reuse with entire services
    • Platforms capable of being encapsulated in a bundle.
  • IT & Security

    IT & Security

    Secure by design, Code Pipes is opinionated when it comes to environment isolation, cloud account and project management, and code promotion workflows.


    • Developers safely work within guardrails that are defined by you
    • Easy access to up to date industry best policy definitions and security standards
    • Real time reports and monitoring, never miss a thing

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Core Features

CloudCover has been building code pipelines since before DevOps was a buzzword, and we’ve poured all that experience into Code Pipes by combining cloud-native technology.

The solution can be deployed in one-click and can be integrated with your current CMS platforms, extending the transcoding pipeline into your current workflows.

  • Everything as Code

    Everything as Code

    Infrastructure, Security Policies, Pipelines, and even Dashboards, all defined as code and combined with configuration in Git.

  • Environment Templates

    Environment Templates

    Environment definitions for reliable and repeatable pre-approved templates with automatic promotion workflows.

  • Application Bundles

    Application Bundles

    CNAB compatible bundle definitions that tie together applications with their infrastructure and build dependencies.

  • Live Inventory

    Live Inventory

    Blends drift tracking, cost control, policy enforcement, and service/infra discovery using a real-time inventory cache.

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Cloud Agnostic

    Full support for Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services natively out of the box.

  • No Lock-in

    No Lock-in

    Deployment pipelines, infrastructure templates and environments set up continue to work even without Code Pipes

Benefits of Code Pipes

  • Environment & application Deployment

    Deploy anything with custom Terraform Files, Helm Charts, etc just by pushing code to git.

  • Simplified Setup

    Install your all-in-one infrastructure with one cmd (CLI) or one-click (web)

  • Always Secure

    Up-to-date with latest security policies and best practices.

  • Observability

    Monitor what matters and stay updated on everything with the built-in real-time dashboard.

  • Guardrails

    Developers and engineering teams work safely and freely within the scope defined by the IT team.

  • Budget Friendly

    Stay within your allocated budget with thresholds and alarms keeping everything in check.

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