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Code Pipes

CloudCover has been building code pipelines since before DevOps was a buzzword, and we've poured all that experience into Pipes for Code. By combining cloud-native technology and the best open sourcing tools in the industry, we deliver state-of-the-art DevSecOps as a Service across all three major public clouds. Get pipelines that are secure, reliable, and auditable right out-of-the-box along with workflows for code promotion and integrations with communications platforms like Slack.

And if you ever hit a snag or need something special our expert DevOps team are there to help you configure your pipelines perfectly and debug your build problems.

DevSecOps as a Service

  • Terraform IaC Builds

    Assemble your architecture of choice with secure and automated infrastructure build pipelines, the only thing your developers ever need to login to is Git.

  • Cloud-native CI/CD

    Completely automated and integrated serverless native builds using the best tools the public cloud has to offer, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Enterprise Support

    Never worry about your build pipelines breaking again, our team of experts provide 24 × 7 support and pro-actively monitor and fix your builds.

Ready to turbo-charge your builds?

DevSecOps Me!


Data Pipes

A modern enterprise has an insatiable thirst for data. But not just any data. It needs to be the good stuff. Totally refined and clean, of trustworthy lineage and absolutely fresh. That is exactly what Pipes for Data delivers.

Our data stack is built on utilizing the latest cloud-native data services to handle everything your data scientists and analysts can throw at it. Real-time data ingest? Petabyte-scale queries? Granular security and tokenization? Machine learning model training and validation? We’ve got it all covered without compromising performance or cost. Get rock-solid custom-engineered data and machine learning pipelines and let us worry about making sure they're working securely, reliably, and affordably.

Data Engineering and Ops as a Service

  • Custom ETLs

    Get custom ETL logic implemented on cloud-native technologies to collect all of your data sources in your data lake.

  • ML Pipelines

    Train, validate and refine your models using best-practice cloud-native ML pipelines built for speed and efficiency.

  • Data Cataloging & Secure APIs

    Manage data lineage and cataloging using the best the cloud can offer and expose it through our secure and performant API layer.

Let's get this data moving!

Handle it!