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Strong Foundations

Choosing the right foundational technologies for your organization is a critical step in bringing about digital change. These choices have far-reaching implications for the flexibility, scalability and maintenance of your applications. One size rarely fits all use cases, so having the right tools in your toolbox goes a long way to ensuring long-term stability and capability.

Building Blocks

  • Containers

    Giving your developers the ability to control the environment that is used to run their code is liberating and dramatically reduces time-to-market.

  • Languages & Libraries

    Pick languages that that you can rally around and choose libraries that ensure a reliable, secure and maintainable codebase.

  • Uniform Tools

    Tool proliferation increases maintenance overhead with no real benefit, focus on a few great tools and standardize.


Driving Velocity

Quick iteration is at the heart of an organization's digital transformation. Reacting to customer needs and the market at large is more important than ever before. All of this technology is being created in service of being able to ship software rapidly with a high degree of quality but it isn't enough to simply implement the tools. The way your team is organized, goaled and driven can dramatically impact the outcome for your organization.

The Dev-friendly Environment

  • Innovation Culture

    Building products is hard and getting things right takes experimentation and failure before finding success.

  • Rapid Iteration

    Moving quickly means not having to ask for permission, empowering your team to make choices, and move quickly.

  • Blameless Postmortems

    Reaching for the stars is a lot easier if your team feels safe enough to fall.


Intrinsic Security

Unfortunately, security is an after-thought for most companies. When running at such tremendous speed with multiple deployments on a daily basis, the risk of a security breach multiplies dramatically. Thankfully, when done right, cloud-native technology enables security enforcement at an incredibly deep level without the need for manual testing and evaluation. Infrastructure doesn't get spun up unless it is secure. Code can't reach production unless it is validated.

And It Doesn't Stop There

  • Budget

    Budgetary controls when implemented with a cloud-native mindset allows fine-grained cost allocation, attribution and enforcement.

  • Compliance

    Reduce the time investment necessary for compliance by enforcing industry standard policies as part of your pipeline.

  • Audit Logging

    Universal audit logging removes operational burdens in managing new data sources and gives insight into breaches much faster.


Kubernetes (K8s)

Kubernetes has taken the IT world by storm, and it's finally delivering the full potential of application containerization at scale. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) helps define the best and emerging practices in the rapidly evolving world of Cloud Native, and it enables us to contribute back to the open-source community.

Why K8s?

  • Developer-friendly

    A well-designed, cloud-native environment drives developer velocity by putting developers in control of their execution environment and enabling autonomous enforcement of critical IT policies, such as security and budget control.

  • No lock-in

    Kubernetes is now the de facto standard when it comes to running containers in production. With all the three major public clouds supporting K8s natively and with several open-source and commercial options out there, K8s guarantees portability and freedom from vendor lock-in.

  • Hyper-efficient

    Even more efficient than the switch to VMs, K8s enables a different level of optimization when running complex workloads. A well-designed, managed K8s environment enables different classes of services to coexist, thereby taking advantage of every last ounce of computing power at your disposal.

K8s at CloudCover

CloudCover has had the privilege of contributing to some of the largest cloud modernizations in Southeast Asia with our customers and partners. We help our customers reap the full benefits of managed Kubernetes services through the public cloud providers.

Our Kubernetes practice focuses on designing and delivering Kubernetes as a service (KaaS) based on enterprise-grade management of multi-cluster ecosystems with service mesh, policy and access control, lifecycle management, and robust mechanisms for containerized application deployment with built-in observability.