Architecture Overhaul - Zing HR

by , Sunday, 01 May 2016

Using Microsoft Azure to deliver HCM services to 300+ clients and serving more than 4,00,000 employees worldwide.


ZingHR is a complete end-to-end employee lifecycle Human Resource Software Solution providing complex and integrated employee lifecycle management solutions to large enterprises.

ZingHR is a product from the Founders of Cnergyis, an enterprise HR Technologies, Outsourcing and Services Company. It provides complex and integrated employee lifecycle management solutions to large enterprises, using its proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. is a pioneering system for electronically filing Income Tax returns. It was conceptualised for the Department of Income Tax, Government of India in 2002. ZingHR combines technology with effortless on-the-Cloud solutions in almost every area in the lifecycle of Human Capital Management.

CloudCover & ActivElement were engaged to rebuild, re-architect and modernise the HCM platform using modern application architecture and infrastructure. CloudCover recommended that Cnergyis deploy the entire application on the cloud and provided technical assessment, a detailed project plan and roadmap, cost modelling, architecture guidance, integration code, transition management, VM provisioning and configuration, and knowledge transfer. CloudCover continues to provide architectural consulting, cloud management, maintenance and monitoring services to Cynergis.

How does ZingHR leverage Microsoft Azure Cloud for seamless performance, ensuring rapid deployment, flexibility, and scale to support high usage?

  • Microsoft Azure’s variety of resources, extent of technology support and overall security promise made the ZingHR journey to the cloud easy :

  • Using Azure allowed ZingHR to scale the number of servers during payroll and high transaction seasons

  • Use Vnets and Subnets made the application more secure
  • Use of Service Bus Messaging Queue/Notification Hub helped decoupling the system
  • ZingHR leverages the Microsoft .NET framework and MVC Architecture on top of a SQL Server relational database
  • Replacing a legacy system with a suite of integrated modern and scalable web applications for the multi-tenant business unit
  • Infrastructure segregation and migration as per the product version
  • Migrating servers from single node to Highly Available architecture
Business Benefits
  • Service uptime is now 99.99%
  • Dynamic scaling and Geo Redundancy
  • Reduced Cost
  • Launch Readiness
Services Used
  • Vnet and Subnets
  • Virtual Machines
  • Web Apps
  • Service Bus
  • Mobile Service
  • Recovery Service
  • Storage
  • Azure Cache
  • Azure SQL Database

Solution Design

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Services Provided by CloudCover
  • Initial migration infrastructure to Azure
  • Transition management
  • Auto-scale scripting, load balancing, fault tolerance
  • Architecting and engineering for scale
  • Architecting HA & DR
  • Custom software development and scripting
  • Ongoing systems maintenance and management
  • Security audits
  • 24 × 7 monitoring
  • DevOps and deployment services