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CloudCover is a Cloud Consulting, Solutions, and Managed Services provider. The public cloud’s transformative power isn’t in scale, or speed, or price. It’s in the API. The ability for software to request and control infrastructure leads to an unprecedented opportunity to automate IT. CloudCover is obsessed with automation, to the point where doing something manually twice is one time to many. We deliver extreme automation to start-ups and agile enterprises through a combination of products, custom solutions and workflow automation. Our eventual goal is to make our own services obsolete because, honestly, why pay a company to do what software will do better?

Part of the job

As a Product Front-end Dev, you would work with a diverse cross-functional team to enhance the feature set and capabilities of products that are built by CloudCover. You'll be part of discussions that will help define and implement features.You'll work with the front-end development team to build responsive, efficient, re-usable web applications to ensure that we always deliver the best possible product.

This job might be for you, if

  • You have experience in developing enterprise-scale SPAs with rich interactive data visualizations and data interfaces using frameworks like Vue.js, AngularJS, Ember, React, etc.
  • Strong understanding of web browsers and HTTP fundamentals to build applications for maximum security, speed and scalability.
  • Experience and expertise in UI architecture, component and framework design.
  • An understanding of RESTful APIs and server side applications.
  • An understanding of the importance of automated unit, integration, and functional tests for web apps and APIs.
  • Are not afraid to speak your mind and are passionate about exploring, experimenting and learning new things every day.
  • Can work cohesively with Project Managers and QA teams to ensure deliverables are to time and quality.
  • Are proactive in nature, identifying the risks, issues and improvement opportunities, and communicate through appropriate channels.

What experience/ skills do you need?

  • Excellent experience with JavaScript, special focus on ES5, ES6
  • Excellent knowledge of MVC architecture and OOP programming style
  • Experience with web technologies and frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, React, Vue.js, etc.
  • Expert with graphing libraries like D3.js, Chartist.js, Canvas.js etc
  • Ability to prioritise with a proactive mindset and work on features independently.
  • Flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the product in its early stages.

Equal Opportunity

Our mission is to unlock the human potential for creative, strategic, and sustainable impact by eliminating cloud and IT operations that are repetitive and devoid of value. To accomplish this mission, we need to include humans from all walks of life. So, we actively seek to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness in our embrace of human talent.

We welcome you as you are without regard to your gender, race, caste, color, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, religion, physical or neurological challenges, veteran status, or marital status.

Interested in this role?

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