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CloudCovers Product Portfolio

  • Strato - Strato is a dashboard of dashboards. It combines metrics from popular tools and correlated custom thresholds, to turn any dashboard into a single blinking light, making short work of monitoring complicated systems.
  • GoodCop - Plug-n-play authentication and access control platform providing sub-millisecond responses. Built using GO-lang and powered by REDIS and Kubernetes, GoodCop boosts security by giving you a fine-grained audit log of every activity that's performed on your cloud.
  • Bedrock - Unified cloud API for inventory, price and state. It has standardized nomenclature, vendor-prefix approach (like CSS) for unique services. Full support instead of lowest common denominator. Unified API platform to consume any public cloud.
  • CeCe - A Slack based ChatBot for managing and automating development operations. Powered by DialogFlow (NLP) it is essentially CloudCover’s ChatOps solution.
  • Bolt - The simplest way for IT to control Dev/Test spends. Dev environment management with automatic sleep detection and weekly savings email

Required Skills:

  • Excellent experience with either Go-lang, JS, Python, Java
  • Experience in Go-lang will be a big plus
  • Full stack development experience would be a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with consuming and working on public cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
  • Developing RESTful APIs
  • Experience with GitOps and CI/CD.
  • Good understanding of OO programming and design patterns.
  • Highly skilled in data structures and algorithms.
  • Proficiency in server-side programming with Python, Node.js, Angularjs, Ruby HTML, JavaScript.
  • Experience with SQL / NoSQL Databases (Preferred- DynamoDB, Google Data store Redis).
  • Design, build and maintain high performance, scalable and secure code.
  • Knowledge / experience in building an API.
  • Solid understanding of the foundations of security and best practices.
  • Good grasp of data structures and algorithms. Graph algorithms knowledge is a plus.
  • Take ownership of the backend services, ensure the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness, as well as maintaining code quality, organisation and testing/deployment.
  • Fast prototyping of proof-of concept features / application based on brief.
  • Own the delivery of an entire piece of a system or application.
  • Responsibility to develop unit test cases for his/her project module.
  • Any experience with JS testing frameworks will be a plus (Mocha, Jasmine).
  • Any SDK or API experience

Opportunities in the Role

  • Work on multiple products in various stages of Product Life Cycle
  • Collaborate with a very passionate team of rockstar developers
  • Work closely with co-founders, product & engineering leaders
  • Work with Product and Engineering teams across geographies (Pune, Bangalore, Singapore, US)
  • Own complete Product architecture and end to end Product development
  • Do A/B testing of ideas and then work on MVPs
  • Own rapid prototyping of proof-of concept features
  • Get involved in plan and prioritize product feature backlog and development for the product
  • Spend time researching and analyzing the market, the users, and the roadmap for the product
  • Get aligned to a Key Business/Product Metric (North Star) and work extensively to achieve those objectives
  • Tech stack: Go-lang, AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS, ELK stack, MEAN stack
  • Work with Docker Containers, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native services
  • Work hands-on with services like AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, AWS Kinesis, GCP App Engine, GKE, EKS, AKS, GCP Cloud Run which are high level Public Cloud services especially for serverless architecture on Azure, AWS, GCP
  • Data Stores: MongoDB, Cassandra, Big Table & DynamoDB

You’d do great if you are:

  • Passionate about technology and willing to develop expertise in any emerging field
  • An excellent problem solver
  • Taking ownership of the assignments
  • An articulate communicator and team player
  • Active collaborator

Equal Opportunity

Our mission is to unlock the human potential for creative, strategic, and sustainable impact by eliminating cloud and IT operations that are repetitive and devoid of value. To accomplish this mission, we need to include humans from all walks of life. So, we actively seek to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness in our embrace of human talent.

We welcome you as you are without regard to your gender, race, caste, color, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, religion, physical or neurological challenges, veteran status, or marital status.

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