Lightning-fast native cloud console

What is Bolt?

Bolt is a lightning-fast native cloud console for Mac & Windows. It saves you time & money by automating complex tasks on the cloud and effortlessly turning off resources when you aren't using them.

Saves you Money

Bolt automatically switches off or turns on development and/or testing resources on the cloud when your Mac or PC goes to sleep or wakes up.

Makes Collaboration Effortless

Bolt keeps track of which of your teammates are currently using the project and ensures that the last one out turns off all the lights. The first one in turns everything on. No more timezone mix-ups and wasted weekends.

Saves you Time Coming soon

Configure commands to connect to servers with any application on your computer. Use dynamic values as settings for entire projects or specific servers.

Shares Projects Securely

Bolt uses limited-access proxy accounts to manage your resources complete with access and audit logs, device-level authentication and access revocation enabling totally secure project sharing without IAM users or groups.

What makes bolt special?

Native Speed

Bolt's client is built natively in Swift for Mac and .NET for Windows and Bolt's server caches a constantly updated copy of your cloud's current state all in service of lightning fast control of your cloud resources

Supports All 3 Clouds

Enables a true multi-cloud approach with mixing and matching resources from all 3 major public clouds. Manage Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure seamlessly all within the same app.

WiFi Network White-listing

Let Bolt know which WiFi networks are for your work and it won't spin up your cloud resources when you take your laptop home and just want to relax.

Emoji for Everyone!

Tag your projects with Emoji to help you identify them visually. Project collaborators get to see your chosen emoji as well so make sure to choose one that's descriptive!

Bolt Pricing

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