AWS is in India

by Vishal Parpia, Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Earlier this morning AWS launched their new region in India. This ushers in an amazing new revolution for Indian IT and technology companies. We’re super excited to get started on the new datacenter.

It shows up in the API/CLI as ap-south-1 and is available for use right now! This post is a quick round-up of all the services available at launch with a few important details.


Obviously EC2 is available at launch but only with the latest and greatest processors, so we get the entire set of 4th generation hardware (C4 and M4 instance classes) as well as the older 3rd generation R3 instance classes. The India region is a little bit cheaper than the equivalent in Singapore (approximately 5% cheaper). A notable exception is the new X1 instance that is used extensively for big SAP HANA workloads. We hope AWS launches these instances soon.


The AWS RDS service is in full force in India including (and this is interesting) Amazon’s Aurora database, a service that isn’t available in Singapore. In addition to Aurora all the usual suspects are also available, so you have access to Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. Also a much requested feature that hasn’t been available in Singapore: Multi-AZ SQL Server is available in India.

S3 & Glacier

S3 and Glacier are of course fully availavle in India and at the same international price ($0.03 for S3 and $0.01 for Glacier per GB/month). This is going to be a huge boon to redundant backup and storage in India rendering a lot of existing data durability strategies obsolete.

NOT AVAILABLE: Lamdba + API Gateway

Both these exciting services are not available in India (yet). We hope AWS implements these quickly, CloudCover leverages serverless architectures extensively and Lambda is a lynchpin in many of our service offerings.

Conspicuous Absences

These are some of the services we were hoping would be available in India but are not present at launch:

  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Amazon Database Migration Service
  • Amazon AppStream
  • Amazon CloudWatch Events
  • Amazon Cognito
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service
  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  • Amazon GameLift
  • Amazon Inspector
  • Amazon Kinesis Firehouse
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Amazon WorkDocs
  • Amazon WorkMail
  • Amazon WorkSpaces
  • AWS Application Discover Service
  • AWS CloudHSM
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • AWS Device Farm
  • AWS Directory Service
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Service Catalog
  • AWS Storage Gateway


Vishal Parpia

Vishal Parpia

Vishal is one of the co-founders of CloudCover. He loves writing software, graphic design, typography, turn-based strategy games, no-limit Texas hold 'em and science fiction.